BRUSSELS dining table

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BRUSSELS dining table. You can choose from three different sizes. Table has extention plate, which one you can buy seperatly dimensions: 950x500 mm.

solid oak

Type 7 1600 x 750 x 950 mm (width, height, depth)
Type 8 2000 x 750 x 950 mm (width, height, depth)
Type 9 2400 x 750 x 950 mm (width, height, depth)


BRUSSELS is a combination of minimalistic forms, materials, attention to detail and practicality. The combination of clean lines, metal, fabric, wood, and paint brings a special charm to the collection. Due to these features and simple lines, this collection can fit in many homes and give them a touch of contemporary style. Although design and comfort of the BRUSSELS collection is the main focus, these features are also accompanied by production quality.

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