LINDESNES is a lighthouse in Norway, that  lights the paths for the ships and our dining room range lights the dining area, makes it cozy and nice atmosphere in contemporary home. It is made from Nordic Wild Oak, expressed  with real wood with  knots and live structure.
LINDESNES has a wide range of practical and spacious sideboards and cabinets. Sideboards are available in 3 lengths where one can insert drawers where you want.
The cabinets have 3 different heights and 3 different widths. All doors and drawers are soft-close fittings. Optionally available glass cabinets with interior lighting surcharge.
Sofa tables are available in 2 sizes in 2 heights, with drawer and possibly with adjustable lower shelf.
Bar tables in 2 sizes , can be made to choose in height that is suitable for customer.
TV benches we have 2 sizes and different compositions of function.
Dining tables have 2 variations. One is 1800x1000 mm, split down the middle and when you pull it out it can be extended by 2 Butterfly plates, each 500 mm. If the table is still too small, it can further be extended by one or two end-well plates, also, they are 500 mm. So the table can be extended from 1800 to 3800mm. depending on the needs. Second is multiple extentendable table, that can increase from 2200 mm. to 5490 mm.
Lindesnes entire series is in solid Wild Oak  delivered in 5 natural oil colors or  untreated.